School of Cyber-Pysical Systems and Contol today

In pursuance of the decision of the Academic Council of SPbPU (Minutes No. 11 of December 26, 2016), the departments "Control Systems and Technologies", "System Analysis and Control" and "Project Management" have been transformed into the School of Cyberphysical Systems and Control. 

School of Cyberphysical Systems and Control is a new format of education with flexible educational technologies and the most demanded educational profiles. The higher school combines high level of qualification of the faculty, modern material and technical support, various contacts with leading companies and a large amount of scientific work. 

The mission of the School is to train highly professional and competitive specialists in the world and domestic markets who are able to think strategically and creatively, take effective managerial and organizational and technological decisions, develop their intellectual and research potential. 

The tasks of the School in the field of educational and research activities are: 

  • Successful implementation of key areas of the state policy of the Russian Federation and international agreements in the field of education, as well as the strategic goal of St. Petersburg's Peter the Great to become one of the world's leading universities.
  • Ensuring high quality of education based on the introduction of modern management systems; 
  • Development and implementation of a modern model of interaction between academic science and higher education;
  • Carrying out of fundamental and applied scientific researches, introduced in practical activity and educational process.

Scientific activity is carried out in the following main directions: 

  • Development of new and improvement of existing methods and means of information processing and analysis, management of complex technical, economic and social systems;
  • Design of control systems for advanced high-tech industries and industrial complexes in various sectors of the real economy.