History of School of Cyberphysical Systems and Control

    As a result of the reorganization of the University in 2012 was created one of the youngest departments - Department "Systems and technologies of management".
Despite its youth, it absorbed the experience and traditions of three departments created at different times at the Polytechnic University and now United under a common name. It Department "automatic control Systems", "Integrated computer technology in the industry" and "Distributed intelligent systems".
    the History of the United Department began in 1930, when under the leadership of Professor Popov VK was established Department "Industrial use of electricity". The main objectives of the Department were to develop the problems of electrification of industrial enterprises, the creation of the foundations of the theory of electric drive, the solution of practical problems of creation and automation of industrial electric drive systems with improved energy performance.
    the Department solved these problems in the conditions of rapid development of the industry and the expansion of the fields of application of electric drives, which required a change in the profile of training. Therefore, the Department changed the content of training of students, and its name. In 1940 it was called "Electrical equipment of industrial enterprises," 1962 "Electric drive and automation of industrial installations", from 1984 until the Association was called "automatic control Systems". Over the years, the Department in addition to electrical engineers trained specialists in the field of robotics and automation of industrial plants and technological complexes.
    the development of the Department is connected with names of professors V. K. Popov, V. A. Andreev, Y. A. sabinina, V. G. Dynnikova, S. A. Cucina, I. M. Semenov, at different times, headed the Department.
Over the years, the Department has trained more than 3,000 specialists for Russia and many countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.
The Department "Integrated computer technologies in industry"was established as a training unit of the Central research Institute of robotics and technical Cybernetics.
    the Purpose of creating training units in the Central research Institute of RTK was to train specialists to solve specific problems solved by the Institute in the field of robotics, including extreme conditions, and to introduce modern information technologies in Russian enterprises in order to reduce the time of product introduction and reduce costs at all stages of their life cycle.
The combination of these three departments was not accidental, as they all conducted training and scientific work in the same field - management in technical systems, providing management at almost all levels, from production management to control of Executive technological equipment.
    As part of the Polytechnic University Department of STU became the only leading training in the direction of 220400 "Management in technical systems", bringing together the specialists of the three above departments.

    later the Department became Higher school of cyberphysical systems and management