Laboratory of Intelligent control systems


Within the framework of the laboratory, the activities of modeling of distributed (network) control systems for continuous technological processes with process and environment parameters critical to control are implemented.< / p>

Here the problems are solved: < / P> < ul> the

  • optimization of parameters and control dynamics multi-factor technological experiment with tightly controlled parameters;
  • debugging of mathematical software for a wide range of control / management tasks, including management tasks in non-standard and non-standard production conditions;
  • coordination, testing and debugging of new or non-standard additional equipment of technological lines included in the standard complete sets of control systems. < / ul>

    Also in the lab actively developed multi-agent control system based on distributed & nbsp;expert knowledge base and & nbsp;systems of decision support for testing scenarios of prevention, forecasting of the development and release of emergency and abnormal situations.< / p> the


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  • Multifunction test-bench for a continuous process (chemical) production of four modules: the reactor, the dosing station, the mixing and filtering with a set of measuring and inspection devices;
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  • Model adaptive surface of the body;
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  • Industrial controllers of "Siemens" company;
  • Raspberry raspberry; < /Li>
  • ATM Atmel < /Li> < / ul>


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