Laboratory of Intelligent Systems of Industrial Automation


Multifunctional stand of semi-natural simulation of control systems of complex robotic complexes and Assembly lines offers opportunities to students and employees of the Department working in the laboratory. It allows to be engaged in debugging of the mathematical software of the wide nomenclature of tasks of control/management for special non-standard and non-standard conditions of production; testing and debugging of the new or non-standard additional equipment of technological lines included in structure of a regular complete set of control and development systems; the stand is also suitable for research of new methods and algorithms of optimal/adaptive control of Assembly plants.

The distinctive features of this stand is a multi-agent platform for optimal distribution of computing resources of the control network for the coordination of heterogeneous subsystems, actuators and interaction protocols.

The equipment includes a control computer network of hybrid architecture (including industrial controllers and control computers with support for multi-agent control architecture), a robotic Assembly line of five robots (to simulate multi-functional Assembly production), a programming system for industrial controllers SIMATIC STEP7, systems for creating and programming consoles and operator panels WinCC and WinCC Flexible Advanced with Runtime libraries, and a programming system for industrial controllers FST 4.

Over the past three years on the basis of the laboratories was completed a number of projects, including “the Development of technical project of automated line Assembly of printed circuit boards” for “NGO Search».


  • Intelligent control network of industrial Festo controllers and automata with hierarchical organized architecture and software for simulation of control environment for complex and distributed objects and technological processes;
  • Festo robotic Assembly line for discrete production control based on hierarchical control network with multi-agent control architecture(distribution station, processing, drilling);


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