Laboratory of Cyber-Physical Control Systems in Power Engineering


The laboratory of cyber-physical systems in power engineering is located in the structure of the Higher School of Cyber-Physical Systems and Management at the Institute of Computer Science and Technology at St. Petersburg Polytechnic University of Peter the Great. The laboratory was created with the support of the company "Rakurs-engineering", which specializes in the development and implementation of integrated automated control systems for power facilities. Over 27 years of work in the industrial automation market, more than 1,550 projects have been completed at hydro, thermal and nuclear power plants. The company is in the top 30 "national champions" of the priority project of the Ministry of Economic Development.

The laboratory was created to conduct experimental studies in the energy sector and to test new developments in the field of software and mathematical software for automated control systems. The main task of the laboratory is to create a new generation of control systems, including risk-based management systems in the energy sector, based on promising technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The laboratory presents a set of software and hardware tools for modeling an automated process control system (APCS) for a hydroelectric power plant, which is designed to simulate the operation of hydropower plants.

Laboratory staff conducts fundamental and applied research in the field of intelligent control systems in the field of energy digitalization; work out innovative technologies and hardware and software solutions for industrial automation and high-tech production management tasks based on the creation and research of “digital twins” of energy facilities. Another activity of the laboratory is the development and implementation of innovative educational programs for engineering training and retraining of specialists in the field of cyber-physical control systems in the energy sector.


  • Schneider Electric Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Control system for hydropower station based on Schneider Electric
  • "Model" of hydroelectric power station for testing hydroelectric station management systems for further transfer to real

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